I find the Great Depression Era interesting. Perhaps it’s because of the fortitude possessed by people of that generation I find admirable. Maybe because my mother (a child during that time) would sometimes take time from her tasks to tell me stories of that era. Honestly, it’s a combination of the two.


It’s interesting how creative they were during those times. During the Great Depression and for several years after, food (especially sugar, coffee, meat, fish, butter, eggs, and cheese) were rationed. As a result, people either went without favorite dishes or found creative ways (using what was in supply) to modify them without jeopardizing flavor—especially desserts.


One of the popular sweet treats was the “Depression Cake.”   Cooks used mayonnaise as a substitute for oil and eggs. The readily available condiment not only added moisture, the fat added an “airiness.” Other cooks added vinegar to enhance the chocolate flavor of a cake and to aid in the rising.


Keeping that in mind, I made my own version of a Depression cake. I was out of flour, the roads were impassable, so store brand baking mix took the place.


My version of a Depression cake is below.



Me oh Mayo Chocolate  Cake